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So, You Want to Become a Breathwork Facilitator?

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Breathwork is arguably the most popular and effective healing modality being practiced in the modern world.

This ancient art has taken the Wellness Universe by storm and more people than ever are utilizing the power of breathwork in order to create a ton of health benefits.

With this reality also comes the fact that many wellness professionals, yoga teachers, coaches, and facilitators are looking to implement Breathwork into their training programs, 1-On-1 coaching, workshops, retreats, and more.

This may be you right now, and If you are eager and excited to become a Breathwork Facilitator, I know the feeling!

But with so many teacher training options out there, you may be wondering

"Where do I even begin?"

"What type of training is best for me?"


"What do I do once I finish the training?"

If this is you, you aren't alone, and important details like these can oftentimes be overlooked in Breathwork Facilitator trainings.

Personally, I had to go through several trainings in order to finally create my 'Brand' if you will. And what I discovered is that this really isn't necessary and everything you need (Outside of years of experience) should and can be covered in one solid training. More on this later.

First off, it's important to know your Why. Why do you feel called to offer Breathwork to your community and the world? Is it because it is a popular modality that everyone seems to be trying out these days? Or is it because you had an incredible experience and want to share that experience with others?

Regardless of your Why, it's important to honor it and utilize it as your driving force because frankly, being a wellness entrepreneur can be tough at times and you will need a motivating Why to get you through those tough times that every type of entrepreneur faces.

So, once you establish your Why, we move on to what style of Breathwork you want to facilitate, or even better, what kind of results do you want to help your clients achieve?

For example, do you want to help your clients ease stress and decrease anxiety?

Do you want to help your clients experience more vitality and vibrancy?

Do you want to help your clients heal from trauma and resolve psychospiritual baggage?

Or do you want to help them accomplish all of the above?