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~ Post-Breathwork Integration Suggestions ~

Below are our suggestions for supporting your integration process after your breathwork session. If, after reading through them, you have any questions, you can e-mail me at:


  • Allow for greater sensitivity, openness, and vulnerability

  • Allow some time for self-nurturing 

  • Allow yourself to be with whatever emotions and feelings arise in a loving, accepting way without judgment. Make them your best friends. What you consider "negative" emotions oftentimes give you the most insight into what is really happening in your inner world. 

  • Re-enter your normal life and activities mindfully

2. Practice self-care and self-nurturing

  • Get adequate rest and sleep


  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat nourishing foods

  • Nurture your body (i.e. massage, bath)

  • Exercise gently (i.e. walking, stretching, yoga)

  • Spend time in nature as much as possible

  • Give yourself some quiet time and time for reflection

3. Suggestions to continue to stay with and work with your inner process.

  • Get adequate rest and sleep

  • Pay attention to any Memories or "Material" surfacing in your psyche

  • Attend to and work with your dreams. You are closest to your subconscious in your dreams and important material may surface in the following days after your breathwork experience. If you remember your dreams, write them down.

  • Write/Journal 

  • Listen to music and allow your body to move and dance however it wants! 

  • If it feels right, share your process with someone you trust.

  • Use discretion regarding whom you share your experience with, avoid sharing with those who may try to shut you down, or bring you down. 

  • Avoid making important, abrupt, or rash decisions.

  • Wait at least one week before making any important life decisions. 

  • Dialogue with someone you trust about decisions you are considering and ask for objective feedback.


  • Start taking more responsibility for your emotional states….

  • You can use them (whether “negative” or “positive”) to look inside and examine and work with what is triggering these emotions in you instead of projecting the cause of the emotions onto something that happened in the outside world.

5. Diet (Energetic and Physical)

  • Do your best to stay away from electronics for a couple of days

  • Stay away from people who are dense in vibration during your integration process.

  • Do your best to eat whole, grounding foods such as organic meats, rooty vegetables, and whole grains. 

  • Drink plenty of water and GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. 

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