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Do you love Breathwork?


Are you Ready to take your Breathwork practice to the next level and become a confident, and educated Breathwork practitioner?

I believe Breathwork is the most powerful healing and expanding modality on Earth and Truly Understanding it is an absolute game changer for your personal practice! 

The 21-Day Breathwork Academy is my complete course on Breathwork including 

- Over 20 different Breathwork Instructional Videos

- Additional Tips and Tricks for overall health and wellness

- Information on how YOU can become a Facilitator and earn great money while making profound impact on peoples lives. 

- Access to the most powerful and life changing Breathwork technique that I keep reserved for my students. 

- And a guarantee that you will be a confident Breathworker at the end of the course.

This is your 1-Stop-Shop for becoming a powerful and confident Breathwork Practitioner. 

And as a subscriber, my gift to you is 50% off the course for a limited time. 

Simply click below to commit to your greatness and take your Breathwork practice to thee next level!

Immune Boosting 


The ultimate Daily Breathwork Practice

I personally grew up with asthma and severe allergies, 

Luckily, I have come across amazing techniques and practices that have allowed me to consciously create a healthy, high-functioning body that isn't susceptible to the environment because I train it to be ready for anything EVERY DAY.

One of these staple practices that I have practiced and taught religiously is Dynamic Breathwork, also known as Immune Boosting Breathwork.

Dynamic breathwork is a breathing exercise that is designed to

- Boost immunity through alkalizing the blood (Our energy source).
- Decrease inflammation through the expulsion of CO2.
- Relieve stress and anxiety through deep conscious breathing.
- Increase circulation through blood oxygenation.
- Exercise and strengthen the lungs with controlled hyperventilation and retentions.

Hands down, this is the BEST DAILY BREATHWORK EXERCISE that we can utilize as a complete bodily enhancer in the mornings.

This exercise is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT for athletes, people with compromised immune systems, prior breathing problems such as Asthma, and people who are lethargic that want to be healthy once again. 

Be Safe, and Be Blessed 

Ben Holt
IG @Connectandevolve

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