Immune Boosting 



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As a cesarean section baby that grew up with asthma and severe allergies, a pandemic consisting of a virus that attacks the lungs can spell a really sketchy time...

Luckily, I have come across amazing techniques and practices that have allowed me to consciously create a healthy, high-functioning body that isn't susceptible to the environment because I train it to be ready for anything EVERY DAY.

One of these staple practices that I have practiced and taught religiously is Alkaline Breathwork, also known as Immune Boosting Breathwork.

Alkaline breathwork is a breathing exercise that is designed to

- Boost immunity through alkalizing the blood (Our energy source).
- Decrease inflammation through the expulsion of CO2.
- Relieve stress and anxiety through deep conscious breathing.
- Increase circulation through blood oxygenation.
- Exercise and strengthen the lungs with controlled hyperventilation and retentions.

With the Covid-19 virus being a virus that attacks the lungs and causes inflammation, it is imperative to incorporate breathing exercises into your daily routine these days.

Hands down, this is the BEST BREATHWORK EXERCISE that we can utilize at this time (And potentially the best exercise period...)

This exercise is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT for people with compromised immune systems, prior breathing problems such as Asthma, and Elderly people (Elderly people just go easier during the exercise)

Be Safe, and Be Blessed 

Ben Holt
IG @Connectandevolve