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Private and Small Group All-Inclusive Retreats

Are you, and your tribe ready to evolve into your greatest expression?

Connect and Evolve Private and Small group retreats are the most exclusive and direct way to address your individual journey and meet you and/or your tribe exactly where you are to create the most profound, beneficial transformation possible. 

Integrating the healing and wellness of the Body, Mind, and Spirit, through many healing modalities, these multi-day exclusive experiences will guarantee a powerful shift in awareness as well as all the necessary tools to continue your spiritual evolution and wellness journey.  

Private and Small Group Retreats include:

- A Customized Wellness plan and package based on each individual's needs.

- Access to a Gorgeous space that we provide.

- A guaranteed, beneficial shift in awareness. 

- The learning and implementation of many healing modalities.

- Potential Sacred Medicine Ceremonies.

- Delicious and extremely healthy cuisine.

- A beautiful and healing living space. 

- A safe, loving, and nurturing container for you to evolve and heal within.

- A dedicated team who will go the distance to see that all of your needs and intentions are fulfilled before you leave.

- Online resources and more integration materials to implement everything you learn and experience into your everyday life.  

All of this and more is included with each private retreat! 

Utilizing all Connect and Evolve modalities for healing and growth including Breathwork, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Bioenergetics, Nutrition, and More. The Connect and Evolve team will create a detailed and direct program for you to heal past traumas and step into your true power in every way.

We will address every strength and weakness, and utilize healing and growth modalities from all over the world and all eras of time to ensure that you and your group receive the very best treatment and experience available.

For a free consultation with Ben please reach out below

stating that you are interested in A Private Retreat. 

~ A Few Pictures from our Last Private Retreat ~

Connect and Evolve



Ben Baillieul

Ben creates a beautiful, awesome setting for you to explore whatever you want to explore during his workshop. His approach is genuine, goofy and relaxing, at the same time. And well grounded, founded, so you can bring everything you experienced in this reality. During and after the whole journey you feel supported by him and his awesome assistants! There’s a deep sense of trust in his workshop which allows the participant to feel ‘home’, and that’s where all the magic happens


Fenixx Monica

Ben is an amazing facilitator and space holder. His guidance was clear and useful and you could tell that he’s really in his integrity and truly wants for the evolution of humankind. I had a transcendent experience doing breathwork with him and trusted him completely to hold the container tight for our breathwork journey. The music he picked was subtly hypnotic and was grounding and relaxing where it needed to be so.


Alex Tsuk

I cannot speak highly enough of Ben as a human, as a facilitator, as a film maker. The guy has it all.
A pleasure to have him around, he connects with everyone immediately as we feel his authenticity and integrity.
He produced incredible content for Breathing Cold and I connected him with the members of my community Bgreener - he now produces amazing videos for them and I only get compliments about his work. Feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything about Ben Holt.

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