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Facilitator Training

Are you ready to become a Certified Breathwork Facilitator?

Do you feel the call to share the most efficient, time-tested healing modality in the world, AND grow a thriving wellness business?

If so, our upcoming training may be a perfect fit for you. 

Breathwork is a healing and expanding modality that has taken the world by storm. 

Many seekers and meditators are realizing the immediate health benefits of Breathwork and adopting it as their primary wellness modality. Making breathwork the most popular holistic wellness modality today, and for a great reason.

In short, Breathwork is the most versatile, effective, dynamic, and legitimate approach to health and wellness in our modern Era. 

And this is exactly why we are ALL IN on teaching YOU how to thrive as a Breathwork Specialist and Wellness Entrepreneur. 

Through The Awakened Breath Breathwork Specialist Training, you will receive a comprehensive 12-Week online program in which you will learn everything you need in order to THRIVE and create global impact as a healer/coach/facilitator.

We accomplish this by focusing on 3 essential segments throughout the training. Mastering these steps will provide a bullet proof blueprint to becoming successful as a Breathwork Facilitator and Wellness Entrepreneur.

These 3 Segments are:

1. Breathwork Skills and Knowledge -

(Embodying and mastering the facilitation of 5+ of the most powerful Breathwork Techniques Available)

2. A World-Class Offer - 
(Cultivating your High-Impact, High-Ticket offer - Primarily you will learn how to to host successful + Profitable retreats & Coaching Programs)

3. Conscious Business Systems -
(Become a wellness Entrepreneur - Learn all essential business practices to create global impact and consciously attract your perfect, high paying clients.)

During our 12-Week Certification Training Program, we dive deep into these three segments and guide you step by step, A-Z through this process. This is the exact blueprint that Veteran Breathwork Facilitator Ben Holt has used in order to directly impact tens of thousands yearly and generate multiple 6-figure wellness businesses.


You will not only experience your own personal transformation, learning How To moderate and manage your stress levels, anxiety, increase sleep quality, release trauma, and boost athletic performance with the breath, but you will learn exactly HOW to impeccably, and professionally share the medicine of Breathwork with your clients and community.


You will learn and implement all there is to know about conscious business practices. You will develope into a wellness entrepreneur who is prepared to create massive impact and generate exceptional income. You will learn the art of many conscious business practices including Sales, Marketing, Branding, Website and social media optimization, impacting the global market, and more.

You are also given scripts, examples, encouragement, and inspiration every step of the way.

Why Become a Breathwork Specialist? 

- Be in service to the world by reconnecting people with their breath 


- Teach MULTIPLE Breathwork techniques 


- Transform your OWN life through Breathwork 


- Earn a great income as a Breathwork Specialist 


- Join a like-hearted Tribe of Awakened Breath Graduates 

- Begin and fast track your career as a wellness entrepreneur 


- Build a new career rooted in healing others and providing amazing results 

- Learn how to brand, market, and establish yourself as a credible expert 

- Become a Wellness Entrepreneur and learn the inner workings of conscious business 

- Create and produce incredible guided Breathwork Tracks that listeners will utilize daily 

- Build an unshakable foundation for your business/movement online through Ben's #1 Strategy 

- Learn conscious sales and how to sell your offerings with passion, confidence, and clarity 


Through this Comprehensive Breathwork Facilitator + Business training, you will learn how to support others through Breathwork (No matter what they are experiencing) build our your Hight Ticket Offers (Retreats and Coaching), and input the systems that will allow you to get new clients regularly + Create impact 24/7.

This blueprint will allow you to create massive positive impact, generate great income, and authentically being + expand your Wellness business with confidence and clarity.

What you will be able to do after the training


The most profound transformations happen during multi-day retreats. This training will provide you with everything you need in order to Facilitate Breathwork in a retreat environment and even provide the necessary tools and guidance to host YOUR OWN retreat.  This is the best way to earn a high income and provide the highest level of facilitation for others!

Workshops and

private groups 

After this training, you will be fully equipped to provide life changing workshops for your community. 

You will also notice that private groups will want to hire you over and over again because of your skills as a facilitator + The power of Breathwork!

Corporate Events

Every company wants their employees to be healthy and vibrant. After this training, you will be ready to share the power of the breath with corporate teams in a business settings. 

1-On-1 Coaching

After this training, you will be prepared to guide your clients through long term breathwork coaching programs in which you will build a lasting relationship with your client as well as create the most impact/Income as a wellness entrepreneur! 

Most healers, coaches, and facilitators are never able to get out of the Rat race,

Meaning they are not able to create the impact they are here to create and they are not able to generate enough income to quit their day job and become a full-time healer.



Online Content Creation

After this training, you will be fully prepared to create high-value content and share that content on the RIGHT platforms in order to build an online foundation that will impact thousands around the world, while increasing both your impact and income for your business.

Conscious Entrepreneurship

Massive positive impact comes directly from conscious business practices. After this training, you will be prepared to efficiently run your wellness business and you will have knowledge and experience around conscious sales, marketing, branding, and more. 


You will cultivate and prepare your Hight Ticket Offer $1k-$10k+ in order to create massive, lasting transformation for your clients. 

Firstly, you will learn the exact blueprint Ben as well as other successful facilitators and coaches have used in order to host very impactful and very successful Retreats. Specifically 5 day destination Breathwork Retreats profiting $20K or more. 

You will also create and prepare your Private Coaching program. This program will allow you to deep dive with your private clients, offering them the fullest extent of you service. 

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Testimonials from recent Graduates

~ Training Layout ~

Weeks 1-3

-Individual practice Including:

Completion of the 21-Day Breathwork Academy 

Read Breathwork Facilitator Workbook

Read Breathwork E-Book 

Daily Dynamic Breathwork 

Weekly Sonic Neural Breathwork 

Recap call with Ben 

Week 4 

- Begin Guiding Individuals:

Continue daily and weekly practice 

How to facilitate for clients 1-on-1 

Step by step Breathwork facilitation 

Guide fellow student in Relaxing + Activating techniques

Recap call with Ben 

Week 5

Continue daily and weekly practice 

How to facilitate for Groups in a class setting

Guide a 1-3 people group in Dynamic Breathwork + Meditation

Recap call with Ben

Week 6 

Group practice, and growing as a facilitator

Continue daily and weekly practice

Guide 1-3 people in Dynamic Breathwork

Start building your high ticket offer

Recap call with Ben

Week 7 

Continue daily and weekly practice

Continue building HTO

Where to facilitate breathwork

Aditional Tools for guiding breathwork 

Guide a 1+ people in Sonic Neural Breathwork (With additional Space Holder)

Branding yourself as a facilitator

Recap call with Ben

Week 8 

Continue daily and weekly practice

Build out low ticket offer (Workshop)

Guide a 1+ people in Sonic Neural Breathwork (With additional Space Holder)

Preparing for your future 

Learning How to build a career in wellness

Recap call with Ben

-Weekly group calls via Zoom-

Week 10

Defining your target audience

Personal Branding

Creating your branding material (logo, colors, etc)

Creating your mission statement/about me

Creating your free resources 

Recap call with Ben 

Week 9

Receive your Breathwork Facilitator Certificate!


Begin Breathwork Business Training

Master the art of Low to High ticket sales 

Learn why earning money is a positive and beautiful thing

Learn exactly how to create massive impact through your business

Learn the art of conscious business practices 

Schedule your first workshop at studio or online

Recap call with Ben

Week 11

Creating Middle-ticket offer (Online Course)

Creating and optimizing website + Social Media

Online Website sales funnel/flow 

Email and funnel automation 

High ticket Funnel/Flow creation + Optimization

Week 12

Creating content + recorded tracks

Creating social media content

Creating content for all level offers

Strategically uploading tracks and creating your online foundation 

Week 13

Officially Graduate Breathwork Business Training!

Integrating everything together 

Setting and achieving big goals! 

Recapping all of training

Creating your career trajectory and letting things grow!

Schedule Your Connection Call

 Payment options 


Entire Training

Entire Training - 3 Monthly Payments

Payment plans are also available upon request.
Refunds: Our refund policy is only activated upon an emergency.
If you invest in the program and then decide you do not have the time to complete it, you can move to another future program for a small fee, but we do not offer refunds unless there is a provable emergency.
Thank you!
Upcoming Breathwork Facilitator Trainings
in 2023

To register for any trainings listed below, simply click on the date you want to register for and make a payment.
You will be contacted within 48 hours of making your payment.
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 More Graduate Testimonials 

Below are a few Breathwork techniques you will be learning to teach through the training!

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