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Quantum Coaching PROGRAM

Are you ready to GROW into your Greatest Expression?

Ben Holt's Quantum Coaching Program is a monthly program that focuses on creating every opportunity possible to bring you into your greatest expression!

Integrating the healing and wellness of the Body, Mind, and Spirit, this coaching program finds any and every area in your life that no longer serves you and replaces it with healthy, holistic practices. 

Why Quantum? 

The Quantum realm is a realm unknowable and unseeable.


Within the quantum universe, infinite realities exist, and infinite timelines.

I chose the name quantum coaching to encompass the fact that this program works on all timelines, covers all bases, and defies 3D reality in many ways. 

Utilizing all modalities for healing and health including Breathwork, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Bioenergetics, Supplementation, Nutrition, and More.

This program creates a detailed and direct approach for you to step into your true power. 

This program includes the following:

- Personalized Breathwork practices and training.

- Personalized Hypnotherapy meditations and recordings.

- Personalized Game Plan for sups, nutrition, habits, and routines.

- In-person and online training and follow-up meetings.

- 6 1-ON-1 Coaching calls (1 Per Week) plus check-in texts.

- Any necessary ceremony or process, uniquely designed for your journey.

- A reliable and caring coach to see you through until you reach your intentional goals. 

Let Ben be your support system and guide as you transition from your current state into your greatest expression.

We will guide you and nurture you through all of it. 

Receive a personally customized wellness plan of action that will equip you with all of the necessary tools to Boost Immunity, Relieve Stress, Release Trauma, Optimize your day, and Grow in every way possible.

We will address every strength and weakness, and utilize healing and growth modalities from all over the world to Secure your health and Bring you into your greatest expression!

Packages include 6-Week, and 12-Week coaching programs.

For a free consultation with Ben please reach out below

stating that you are interested in 1-on-1 Coaching.



Ben Baillieul

Ben creates a beautiful, awesome setting for you to explore whatever you want to explore in your life. His approach is genuine, goofy and relaxing, at the same time. It is also well-grounded so you can bring everything you learn into your life in a practical way.  There’s a deep sense of trust in his work which allowed me to feel ‘At home’, and that’s where all the magic happens.


Fenixx Monica

Ben is an amazing facilitator and space holder. His guidance was clear and useful and you could tell that he’s really in his integrity and truly wants for the evolution of humankind. I had a transcendent experience doing breathwork with him and trusted him completely to hold the container tight for the breathwork journey. I cant recommend him enough.

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Joe Longa

I cannot speak highly enough of Ben as a human, and as a facilitator. 

Thanks to Ben, I no longer feel like a prisoner inside of myself.

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