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Ceremony and Retreat

 Preparation And Integration 

Prepare, Enjoy, and Integrate your Plant Medicine Journey

When it comes to powerful entheogenic experiences, Proper preparation and integration are essential.

Powerful entheogens can leave you fragmented and confused, feeling shattered and alone in the world.


This is due to what is called "Ego Death"

Where the identity of an individual is stripped away during powerful entheogenic experiences.  


with proper preparation and integration, you will know what to expect and have the right tools to properly integrate back into everyday life.

This allows your healing and transformative experience to be complete and effective instead of harmful and confusing.

Please use these documents as a guide for your preparation and integration processes.

Although it is designed to help integrate Bufo Alvarius and 5MEO-DMT, it is also useful for Ayahuasca and other entheogens as well.

Below you will find both English and Spanish versions of the integration document as well as a preparation document and a 5MEO-DMT Best Practices guide.

You will also find a Scheduling button linking you to contact me directly for those interested in sitting in ceremony. 


Always feel free to reach out if you feel as though you need additional guidance or help. 

AHO and Be blessed. 

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