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Facilitator Training

Are you interested in Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator, mastering your Mind, Body, and Spirit through the breath, and sharing the magic of the breath with others?

Breathwork is a healing and expanding modality that has taken the world by storm. 

Many are calling Breathwork  "The New Yoga" and its recent popularity is backing up that bold claim!

Through The Awakened Breath Breathwork Facilitator training, you will receive a comprehensive 8-Week online program in which you will learn two of the most efficient and powerful breathwork techniques available, Dynamic Breathwork, and Sonic Neural Breathwork, and well as several other "Maintenance techniques" with Veteran Breathwork Facilitator Ben Holt. 

Through this training, you will not only learn HOW TO moderate and manage your stress levels, anxiety, increase sleep quality, release trauma, and boost athletic performance with the breath, but you will learn all the ins and outs of professionally sharing this medicine with others. 

This training will guide you to becoming a knowledgable and proficient Breathwork Facilitator, and at the end of the training, you will be certified as an

Awakened Breath Breathwork Specialist. 

Why Become an Awakened Breath Breathwork Specialist? 

- Be in service to humanity by reconnecting people with their breath -


- Teach MULTIPLE Breathwork techniques -


- Transform your OWN life through Breathwork -


- Earn a great income as a Breathwork Specialist -


- Join a like-hearted Tribe of Awakened Breath Graduates -


- Build a new career rooted in healing others and providing amazing results -

Most people in the west are not breathing properly... Taking short, sharp breaths through the mouth, completely subjecting themselves to tons of stress, dis-ease, and even physical pain with no hope in sight.



Through this Comprehensive Breathwork Facilitator training, you will learn how to help others manage their stress levels, athletic performance, immune system, and peace in life all with the power of the breath. 

You will ALSO learn how to monetize your Breathwork business and how to grow your business to reach more people who are interested in this powerful healing modality. 

What you will be able to do after the training


The most profound transformations happen during multi-day retreats. This training will provide you with everything you need in order to Facilitate Breathwork in a retreat environment and even provide the necessary tools and guidance to host YOUR OWN retreat.  This is the best way to earn a high income and provide the highest level of facilitation for others!

Workshops and

private groups 

After this training, you will be fully equipped to provide life changing workshops for your community. 

You will also notice that private groups will want to hire you over and over again because of your skills as a facilitator + The power of Breathwork!


Every company wants their employees to be healthy and vibrant. After this training, you will be ready to share the power of the breath with corporate teams in a business setting. 

1-On-1 Coaching

After this training, you will be prepared to guide your clients through long term breathwork coaching programs in which you will build a lasting relationship with your client as well as create the most impact/Income as a wellness entrepreneur! 

~ Training Layout ~

Weekly Coaching call to go over progress from each Week

Weeks 1-3

-Individual practice Including:

Completion of the 21-Day Breathwork Academy 

Read Breathwork Facilitator Workbook

Read Breathwork E-Book 

Daily Dynamic Breathwork 

Weekly Sonic Neural Breathwork 

Recap call with Ben 

Week 4 

- Begin Guiding Individuals:

Continue daily and weekly practice 

How to facilitate for clients 1-on-1 

Step by step Breathwork facilitation 

Guide fellow student in Relaxing + Activating techniques

Recap call with Ben 

Week 5

Continue daily and weekly practice 

How to facilitate for Groups in a class setting

Guide a 1-3 people group in Dynamic Breathwork + Meditation

Recap call with Ben

Week 6 

Group practice, and growing as a facilitator

Continue daily and weekly practice

Guide 1-3 people in Dynamic Breathwork

Start building your high ticket offer

Week 7 

Continue daily and weekly practice

Finalize high ticket offer

Where to facilitate breathwork

Creating your own breathwork tracks 

Aditional Tools for guiding breathwork 

Guide a 1+ people in Sonic Neural Breathwork (With additional Space Holder)

Branding yourself as a facilitator

Week 8 

Continue daily and weekly practice

Build out low ticket offer (Workshop)

Guide a 1+ people in Sonic Neural Breathwork (With additional Space Holder)

Branding yourself as a facilitator

Deciding your target audience

Where to facilitate breathwork

Creating your own breathwork tracks 

Week 9


Become a certified Breathwork Specialist

Full momentum into your vision as a facilitator

Consistent workshop schedule 

Having your high ticket offer ready to be shared

Grow, learn, and grow some more!

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When you hop on a call with us, be sure to ask your Breathwork Guide about an early bird discount.

Payment options:


Entire Training

Payment plans are also available upon request.
Please schedule a connection call below to learn more about payment plans.
(This negates the early bird discount)

If you are completely new to Breathwork, I invite you to dive into my online course, The 21-Day Breathwork Academy and Immediately Begin your journey with your Breath today.

This course will take you from a beginner to a confident practitioner in just 21 days! 

Reach out to Ben below to schedule a call and begin your journey as a powerful, loving, and confident breathwork facilitator today!

Upcoming Breathwork Facilitator Trainings
in 2023

To register for any trainings listed below, simply click on the date you want to register for and make a deposit. 
You will be contacted within 48 hours of making your deposit!

~ Graduate Testimonials ~

Below are a few Breathwork techniques you will be learning to teach through the training!

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