Sacred Connection 
Couples Retreat

We are very excited to invite you to our first annual Sacred Connection Couples Retreat! 

February 19-23 we will be gathering in the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona to celebrate life, love, and deep connection.

Through this fun, safe, and loving container you and your partner will be able to explore one another in new and exciting ways while enjoying the relaxation, catering, and beauty that come with staying at our eco-luxury retreat center that rests on the beautiful Oak Creek. 

During this retreat, we will be doing couples workshops, as well as Men's work and Women's work.

This will consist of playful sensory exercises, couples yoga, breathwork, hiking, and more. 

As well as powerful masculine bonding (Men's Work)  and graceful feminine connection (Women's Work)

There will also be 2 gourmet chefs preparing meals every day as well as a couples cooking and mocktail class!

So, we invite you to join us for this magical event. 


Come and relax in beautiful nature while connecting more deeply with your beloved. 


Come enjoy the playful nature that Human connection is truly all about! 


Come and grow in your own beauty and uniqueness while observing your partnership growing beautifully as a result. 

To learn more about the retreat and apply, please click the Contact Button below to reach Ben or Kendyl.

~ Images of Grace Grove Retreat Center ~