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A Letter for Christians: The Underlying Reality

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What a beautiful and incredible time we live in.

For who else in history, apart from the witnesses of masters such as Jesus, or Buddha and those who lived during the times of great empires such as Egypt and Atlantis will bear witness to such profound shifts in consciousness and experience within human beings as those who are alive today.

It seems that we are in a time of massive transition of consciousness and are moving into a time of incredible awareness and unfathomable experience. This reality is the experience prophecized in revelations, the experience of that with many names, nirvana, samadhi or heaven on earth.


The truth is, there is a path toward the mastery of this game we call life.

This path is not for the faint of heart and most often the multitude is too distracted by the human experience to even recognize this game; let alone understand and practice the rules and regulations underlying it. And Those who are conscious of it seem to briefly see it, then return to their conditioned and compartmentalized lives.

For the past several years, I have been very fortunate to not be one of these people. Through hard work, commitment and belief, I have been able to separate myself from what Hermeticism calls The Central Computer. I have been awarded the time and resources to explore the teachings of many cultures and their spiritual foundations. Now, my mission is too relay this unbiased information to the masses.

This “game” is something that Yeshua or Jesus of Nazareth was very conscious of. (We will use the name Jesus Christ throughout this article for novelties sake. To learn how Yeshua's name became Jesus, check out this video.)

He references this reality and potential lying within each human by saying,

“Do as I have done, and you will do greater things than I have done.” - John 14:12
"I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.' - Psalm 82:6

An unfortunate and debilitating part of the human condition is something we call the false ego, which is dependent upon power, greed and control. This human condition is something that deters us from our true purpose, or dharma.

This false ego seems to be more evidently present within religious structures than anywhere else. These structures have fragmented and humanized spirituality based on the desires and agendas of humans driven by false ego.

"being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart" - Ephesians 4:18

As the original design for humans was divine and perfect, immortal and super conscious. What is described in the Bible as being created in the Image of God.

“For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity.” - Solomon 2:23

The separation and humanizing of the spirituality, or the word of God by humans has lead to many religious structures based in Christianity to worship Jesus Christ in his actual Human form.

Although it is absolutely essential to acknowledge Jesus as a massively important and masterful figure, it is “Sinful” to consider the man crucified on Golgotha as GOD.

We use the term sinful due to the words true origins. For Sin is a Latin Archery term that means “To miss the mark”.

For Sin is a Latin Archery term that means “To miss the mark”.

The fact is, the preaching of humanized Christianity has lead many to believe that the man Jesus was and is still today GOD.

Yet, when we analyze the underlying reasoning behind this, can clearly see that this subconsciously leads us to portraying this same Christ Like Admiration for those behind the pulpit.

Men who eagerly and willingly accept the title of pastor, preacher and father; As well as the admiration and dependency of the 'sinful'.

Although there are many of these religious leaders who aspire to be in service, teaching what they know to be absolute truth embodied in love. Many of them are blind to the actual truth due to a lifetime of personal conditioning, cultural/geographic stagnation, and subconscious agendas.

Regardless of the intentions of the teacher, To blindly believe and accept the word of any man or woman is missing the mark, or, Sinful.

As the second commandment states, "Do not not worship false idols."

When we look at the definition of worship, “To show reverence and adoration, or to honor with religious rights”

We see that blindly accepting the word of ANY man or woman is to quite literally to worship them, and as stated above, is sinful.

Think about it, to assume that the ever encompassing energy of divine love that creates and destroys, while expanding and contracting the ever infinite universe while birthing consciousness in incredibly advance biological and spiritual life forms is and was a single human being is not only lazy and naive, but ignorant to the very teachings of Jesus himself.

In fact, the Bible openly rejects this theory by saying “If you don’t know love, you don’t know God, for God is LOVE” 1st John 4:8

“If you don’t know love, you don’t know God, for God is LOVE” - 1st John 4:8

Although, when you look at historical patterns of human control and suppression, this theory creates a seemingly excellent tool created by man to keep a species dependent, occupied and obedient.

Although, it is not lazy, foolish, or naive to heed the teachings of Jesus Christ, rigorously study and practice these teachings and once grasping them, go forth teaching others the same wisdom he taught the masses.

Ironically, the teachings of Jesus are virtually identical to every other major religion in the world. Which, also ironically, have their own master teacher.

To consciously reject these other cultures spiritual teachings not only creates MORE separation, but stagnation of the mind by promoting that it is not necessary to understand other perspectives and spiritual philosophies.

While If more were to analyze and study these other religions, and teachings, they would soon recognize the vast underlying similarities.

To discover similarities between Christianity and Buddhism check out this article.

This illusion of separation is portrayed well in the Chinese Parable of the Five Blind Men.

Or the Chinese proverb below.

There are many paths up the mountain, but the view is always the same - Chinese Proverb

Or this quote by arguably the greatest philosopher of our time, Alan Watts.

The problem is that so many people suckle the finger of religion instead of looking in the direction in which is points. - Alan Watts

Now. Although this reality may seem very stark, it is actually beneficial.

This is due to the dramatic shift in consciousness currently happening on our planet.

For this constant watered down portrayal of spirituality within Christianity has kept humanities semi blind eyes on Jesus himself, and with the coming of the new age will come a new consciousness, leading to a new understanding of Jesus' teachings.

These encrypted teachings will finally be seen more and more by Those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Leading to humanity finally experiencing absolute truth instead of crude, faith-based belief systems based on literal interpretations of man's take on divine wisdom.

Along with this new consciousness will come new teachers which will, under the paradigm of new consciousness, become the messengers for the second coming of Christ, but this "Second coming" will be very different than most Christians think.

The second coming of Christ will manifest through self-realized men and women. Who through rigorous practice, the shedding of conditionings, internal and external exploration, facing their shadows, mastering perception, embracing and accepting the unknown, committing to divine love, completely surrendering to Source, and accepting the role of service for the divine, have discovered their Truest self, their infinite nature, and have subsequently brought this truth into the home of the mind. Accessing the ability to better conceptualize divine wisdom and share it with the masses; As we have seen many masters do.

These men and women will be beacons of resonance pointing in the direction of salvation and teaching the practical and tangible processes toward achieving that salvation, or Rebirth, as referred to in the Bible.

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” - John 3:3

Here we see Jesus reassure us that there is truly a rebirthing process that one must achieve in order to consciously experience what it is to be "Saved",

In Zen Buddhism, the equivalent to Christian salvation is achieving Satori, or Enlightenment.

When we compare these two experiences at the roots, we can see that they are identical.

The essence of Zen Buddhism is that all human beings are Buddha, and that all they have to do is to discover that truth for themselves. While Enlightenment is achieved by seeing one's original mind (or original nature) directly; without the intervention of the intellect.

Just as Jesus tells us in John 14:12 that we are capable of doing even greater things than he has done. Leading us to see that all human beings are also hypothetically Jesus.

Buddhist enlightenment and Christian salvation are the same exact experience, yet, humanized Christianity has deluded this experience to the point where it is taught that one can simply be baptized, or call Jesus into their heart in order to achieve this salvation.

The practice of baptism is not fully complete without first receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit). AKA ones true or original nature.

Just as the practice of a child having their head shaved at 8 years old and go through a ceremony accepting Buddhist vows is simply a physical action, and is practically useless unless that child later reaches enlightenment.

The practice of baptism is another prime example of humanization within Christianity. Baptism has become a mainstream and institutional practice, that is exactly that, a Practice. In many ways, it has lost its authenticity in the Christian church and holds no true value, unless of course, it is accompanied by the experience or true salvation, liberation or enlightenment.

To try and conceptualize what it may be like to experience true salvation without moving through the years of diligent work and inner exploration is impossible.

It is analogous to A caged chimpanzee in a zoo conceptualizing what it is to be a Free Human with Free Will.

Accept in this particular case with humans, the door to the cage is open and the chimp is always free to run into the Wild.

The problem is, The chimp is terrified of leaving the cage..

Who will feed him?

Where will he go?

What’s out there?

Is it dangerous?

The fear of the unknown, and losing his comfortable pen paralyzes him.

Assuming it’s best to stay in the cage, the chimp doesn’t get to experience what it is to be free, to form a life for himself, to discover the vast world beyond the confines of what his rulers have created for him.

Unfortunately, This is the case with a vast majority of humans, and has been for millennia.