Lessons from an Akashic Record Reading

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Around a month ago, I had my akashic records read by a woman from New York.

Her name is June Brought, and she came highly recommended by many people in a spiritual circle I am in.

Now, I had never had an Akashic reading, and I was a bit skeptical, but after researching her and discovering her depth of experience, the skepticism transmuted into pure excitement.

Now, I'm not posting this to show off my reading or promote June.

I'm posting because I am still in awe of and learning from this epic experience.

Previously, this woman new nothing about me.. She didn't even know my name, so the possibility of her researching my social media was even out of the question.

With that being said, almost everything June told me was something I felt intuitively for years and at a heightened state shortly before the reading.

Shortly put, this reading reassured me of SO much. From my mission in this lifetime to my affiliation with my parents. You name it.

So, I hope this encourages you to dive a little bit deeper into your own mission in life, and maybe even peaks your curiosity enough to find someone who specializes in Akashic record readings.

Regardless, this one was a doozy for me, and it was an experience I'll never forget!

Below is a rough transcription.



They were opening with one of the statements they use sometimes and that is “Allowing yourself to have”

That means that the receiving part of you wants to open right now, DEEPLY.

And they say that what you are receiving-is All avenues of Grace, That have been earmarked in your name.

They are calling it Divine intelligence that you receive in your Human mind.

For you, it is specifically Divine Feminine.

They always open with a level of cause, meaning the thing your soul is basically observing and that your working deeply on, or need to be.

And they are saying allowing yourself to have. The receiving part of you. So as we give, we receive.

For you, the receiving part is primarily receiving grace. That can be synchronicity, supported ventures. All kinds of things.

But it's happening with you through, Allow, Let go, Surrender.

Because its the only thing that connects us to the divine.

What you're surrendering to is divine support IN YOU.

And that can be really good ideas or synchronistic situations that really put you where you need to give be to receive more fully.

SO, they always open with the most important thing and that IS what you're learning, or being challenged to learn. When to take action and when to let go.

And, let go and Allow. Let go, allow, receive.

Working as a leader and a helper is very inline for you.

They are showing me a cross, a Swiss army cross.

When they show me that, it means the human and divine expressing as one. The crucifixion cross represents suffering because the divine hasn't dropped into the heart space yet.

So they just showed us this cross, and its a big part of your soul path. To become the divine expressed through the human and what we become we typically teach and leave behind.

As a collective, at this time, we are doing this more than we ever have.

A lot of my plant medicine people have a big starseed component, and you're one of them.

You have a big intergalactic component to you and that part is highly interdimensional, and you're getting ready to draw on that part more and more.

Even if you didn't know you had that it is setting up for you and its a part of your plan.

Me: “Is it a different universe or?”

A different galaxy, do you know? You seem to have a pretty significant Arcturian imprint.

Definitely, this part of you leads you on your soul journey. You're on the soul path of freedom.

That means you're investigating what it means to be free. What it is and what it isn't. How to express freely and what it isn't to be free.

Your deeply investigating connection with a deeper part of self and with others.

One thing about Arcturians that I know is they are almost always communicators.

They are always writing, making films or communicating through something creative.

The music you play, as you probably know, connects you to your highest self and when you play it's coming through you, not from you.

Me: “What is my Dharma? What am I here to do specifically in this lifetime?”

The fact that they showed us that kind of cross shows us that you are really here to integrate the divine with the human and bring it forth physically and create what they are calling a resonant beacon primarily through example and bring that out into the world.


The way you do it is to keep following your joy. basically. We have to keep following the pull.

Even a part of your creative expression is part of what you're supposed to be doing.

But you will be communicating deeper awareness that really helps connect people to that same thing. Expressing the divine through the human experience.

According to the records, the bottom line of what we are doing here is bringing forth the love that we have in truth instead of the fears that we have. Because everything pretty much is one or the other. So on that level we are all doing that.

As far as your specific gifts, we know you're a communicator, we know you cary a high fast frequency due to being a Starseed, and thats part of what you are not only embody in yourself but to connect others to, the deeper part of themselves. Thats what you're saying and thats what they are agreeing.

They are also saying that you are here to help others learn to play again. Now when they say that, thats very specific from them, when they use the word play, thats a very sacred word.

They said to me once, “The heart of the child IS the master of the universe”

A lot of times people on deeply spiritual paths become to serious, and they lose touch with that child heart. We loose touch with that and it really just wants to play, expand and express.

It looks like however, you want to help people connect to that part of themselves, thats going to be very beneficial.