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Quantum Healing



Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful modality for consciously restructuring and repatterning the subconscious mind. All you need to do is sit back and relax, while I will guide you through deeply relaxing induction meditations with powerful positive affirmations that apply to all layers of the mind so that they are fully absorbed by the subconscious mind.


This modality is great for quitting smoking, letting go of other habits that no longer serve you, and releasing trauma.

 It is also a great modality for creating the foreground in the subconscious mind for manifesting anything that you are choosing to bring into your reality such as relationships, abundance, peace in life, and overall quality of life.

-Online and IN-Person-

1-Hour Long Session:


3 1-Hour long sessions:


Personalized Hypnotherapy Recording: $200 

Hypnotherapy Session + Recording $300


Image by Priscilla Du Preez

If Hypnotherapy is therapeutically addressing the subconscious mind, NLP is addressing the Conscious Mind.

NLP techniques are extremely powerful for empowering the participant, removing physical and emotional pain, releasing thoughts, habits, and behaviors that no longer serve you, and finally, releasing trauma. 

Through NLP therapy, you will be guided through enjoyable, active exercises that are designed to quickly and efficiently provide release, relief, and rejuvenation. 

NLP and hypnotherapy work best when they are combined during a session or multiple sessions. 

-Online and IN-Person-

1 Session:


3 sessions:


Hypnotherapy and NLP
Breakthrough Session

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