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Training and Coaching


Are you interested in Learning Breathwork and mastering your Mind, Body, and Spirit through the breath?


Breathwork is a healing and expanding modality that has taken the world by storm. 

In 2021, Breathwork is the new Yoga.

Through Connect and Evolve Breathwork training, you will receive in-person or online coaching with internationally acclaimed Breathwork Facilitator Ben Holt. 

Through this training, you will learn HOW TO moderate and manage your stress levels, anxiety, increase sleep quality, boost athletic performance, boost libido, decrease inflammation in the body, and drastically increase your overall health and wellbeing. 

Most people in the west are not breathing properly... Taking short, sharp breaths through the mouth, completely subjected to their harsh, reactive nervous system, with no way to manage it.



Through this breathwork coaching, you will learn to manage your nervous system, leading you to experience SO MUCH MORE peace and joy in life. 

Check out the videos listed below to get a feel for how Breathwork can immediately optimize your entire life. 

This is a small taste of what this powerful modality can do for you, and I am very excited to guide you in becoming a master of your stress levels and health, through mastering your breath.

Whether you are looking for personal 1-On-1 breathwork training, group training, corporate event training, or family training, Ben can accommodate. 

If you are called to the online course method of learning Breathwork,

Feel free to pick up Ben's 21-Day Breathwork Academy and Begin Immediately!

Reach out to Ben below to schedule a free consultation and begin your Breathwork Journey.

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