Facilitator Training

Are you interested in Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator, mastering your Mind, Body, and Spirit through the breath, and sharing the magic of the breath with others?


Breathwork is a healing and expanding modality that has taken the world by storm. 

Many are calling Breathwork  "The New Yoga" and its recent popularity is backing up that bold claim!

Through The Connect and Evolve Breathwork Facilitator training, you will receive a comprehensive 6-Week online program in which you will learn two of the most efficient and powerful breathwork techniques available, Dynamic Breathwork, and Sonic Neural Breathwork asd well as several other "Maintenance techniques" with internationally acclaimed Breathwork Facilitator Ben Holt. 

Through this training, you will not only learn HOW TO moderate and manage your stress levels, anxiety, increase sleep quality, release trauma, and boost athletic performance with the breath, but you will learn all the ins and outs of professionally sharing this medicine with others. 

Most people in the west are not breathing properly... Taking short, sharp breaths through the mouth, completely subjecting themselves to tons of stress, dis-ease, and even physical pain with no hope in site.



Through this breathwork training, you will learn how to help others manage their stress levels, athletic performance, immune system, and peace in life all with the power of the breath. 

You will learn how to monetize your breathwork practice and how to grow your business to reach more people who are interested in this powerful healing modality. 

~ Training Layout ~

Weekly Coaching call to go over progress from each Week

Weeks 1-3

-Individual practice Including:

Completion of the 21-Day Breathwork Academy 

Read Breathwork Facilitator Workbook

Read Breathwork E-Book 

Daily Dynamic Breathwork 

Weekly Sonic Neural Breathwork 

Recap call with Ben 

Week 4 

- Begin Guiding Individuals:

Continue daily and weekly practice 

How to facilitate for clients 1-on-1 

Step by step Breathwork facilitation 

Additional Tools for guiding breathwork 

Guide 1 Person in Dynamic Breathwork (With Recording)

Guide 1 person in Sonic Neural Breathwork per week (With Recording)

Recap call with Ben 

Week 5

- Begin Guiding Groups

Continue daily and weekly practice 

How to facilitate for Groups in a class setting

Guide a 3+ person group in Dynamic Breathwork + Relaxing Breathwork

Guide 1 person in Sonic Neural Breathwork 

Recap call with Ben

Week 6 + 

- Final touches, group practice, and growing as a facilitator

Continue daily and weekly practice

Guide a 3+ person group in Dynamic Breathwork

Guide a 3+ person group in Sonic Neural Breathwork (With additional Space Holder)

Branding yourself as a facilitator

Deciding your target audience

Where to facilitate breathwork

Creating your own breathwork tracks 

~ Graduate Testimonials ~

A Few Breathwork Techniques You wll learn to teach