Breathwork Mastery Course

Master Your Breath, Master Your Reality!

In this course, you will Learn

How to Master your emotions,

stress levels, and overall Health with...

  • The 5 Days to Breathwork Mastery Course

  • Including over 12 Breathwork Training Exercise Videos, teaching techniques deriving from the 3 pillars of breathwork.

  • And Free Bonuses such as:

  • 12 of my favorite Guided Meditations.

  • The Connect and Evolve Optimized Morning Routine.

  • My brand new Ebook - BREATHE

  • With even more content coming soon!

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Master your breath

Master your reality! 

~ What People are saying ~

"Ben is an amazing facilitator and space holder. His guidance was clear and useful and you could tell that he’s really in his integrity and truly wants for the evolution of humankind. I had a transcendent experience doing breathwork with him and trusted him completely to hold the container tight for our breathwork journey." - Fenixx Monica, Bali

"Ben creates a beautiful, awesome setting for you to explore whatever you want to explore during his online courses and workshops. His approach is genuine, goofy, and relaxing, at the same time. During and after your work with Ben, you will feel supported by him and his awesome team!" - Ben Baillieul, Belgium

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