Upcoming Retreat In 
Sedona, Arizona

Connect to your true essence 

Evolve into your greatest expression

 With Ben Holt  


Connect With your true self 

Evolve into your greatest expression

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Sedona, Arizona 

September 13th-17th

Lead by Ben Holt and his team, this transformational retreat will guide you into the deepest depths of consciousness, awareness, love, and truth that resides within you.


Through a 5-day immersion in breathtaking nature, natural medicines, breathwork, sound healing, yoga, nature immersion, music, qi-Gong, and dynamic meditations, this retreat will not only provide you with a safe space to heal and grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, but it will give you the knowledge, wisdom, and tools necessary for you to continue this growth at an accelerated pace when you leave. 

By combining multiple healing and growth modalities from all over the world with the utilization of naturally occurring medicines, you will experience a profound speed ramp in conscious awareness, or what we call a "Quantum Leap".

During this state of great awareness, we will explore and learn the fundamental wisdom of the ancients, as well as the profound breakthroughs in modern science that are bridging the gap between spirituality and science. Providing you with invaluable knowledge that you will be able to apply in every situation for the rest of your life. 

While the experiences you have during the retreat itself are truly life-changing, the newly discovered self, tribe, and wisdom that you will go home with is the great treasure that you will be able to utilize every day, leading to a more fulfilling, peaceful, and abundant life.

This is exactly what you will receive at this retreat.

At our retreats, we have successfully curated a container that is designed not only to evoke, stoke, and nurture the process of your spiritual healing and growth, but to anchor in the frequency of these practices, so that you receive long-lasting health benefits.

We will be there with you every step of the way, guiding and holding space for you as your journey along the path of self-discovery, healing, and expansion. 


You have our complete support

Embarking on the path of self-delivery is a noble cause and one that deserves to be recognized, we devote ourselves to all those that choose to walk the path less traveled, the path of healing, expansion, and evolution.


We commit to being fully present with you before, during, and after your experience and will hold space for whatever unfolds for you during your time here.

You will leave this retreat not only equipped with a new understanding of the universe and yourself, but with a loving support system that will be there for you no matter what arises. 

~This is it~

A safe, well-thought-out, and loving container to explore yourself through healing modalities, ancient wisdom, modern science, esoteric therapies, nature, connection, and ultimately, pure love.

 So We invite you


We invite you to wake up every morning to the wondrous natural beauty of the red rocks, the leaves rustling in the wind, sunsets on the gorgeous mountains, butterflies, and hummingbirds at your window...

Start your mornings off with gentle yoga, blissful meditation, and heart-expanding breathwork.

Embark on healing, and consciousness-expanding medicine journeys, connecting Satsangs, enlightening workshops, and of course, integration/sharing circles each night. 


Dine on authentic, delicious cuisine, all fresh, all organic, plant-based, and all mouthwateringly delicious. Soak your worries away in the river backdropped by a stunning mountain view, lounge in the hammocks, breathe in the magic of the land, hike, explore, connect with the breathtaking nature, and finally, end the day with a beautifully relaxing sound bath.

We hope to see you soon and send you love and light! 

~Be Blessed~

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1 on 1 Coaching/Mentorship

with Ben Holt

Immune Boosting

Dynamic BreathworkTM

As a cesarean section baby that grew up with asthma and severe allergies, a pandemic consisting of a virus that attacks the lungs can spell a really sketchy time...

Luckily, I have come across amazing techniques and practices that have allowed me to consciously create a healthy, high-functioning body that isn't susceptible to the environment because I train it to be ready for anything EVERY DAY.

One of these staple practices that I have practiced and taught religiously is Alkaline Breathwork, also known as Immune Boosting Breathwork.

Alkaline breathwork is a breathing exercise that is designed to

- Boost immunity through alkalizing the blood (Our energy source).
- Decrease inflammation through the expulsion of CO2.
- Relieve stress and anxiety through deep conscious breathing.
- Increase circulation through blood oxygenation.
- Exercise the lungs with controlled hyperventilation and retentions.

With the Covid-19 virus being a virus that attacks the lungs and causes severe inflammation, it is imperative to incorporate breathing exercises into your daily routine these days.

Hands down, this is the BEST BREATHWORK EXERCISE that we can utilize at this time (And potentially the best exercise period...)

This exercise is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT for people with compromised immune systems, prior breathing problems such as Asthma, and Elderly people (Elderly people just go easier during the exercise)

Be Safe, and Be Blessed ~

- Ben Holt
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Brand New, Interactive Breathwork Ebook

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Spirit of the Earth:

Babas of India

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Ben Holt is an internationally acclaimed Breathwork Facilitator,

transformational retreat leader, therapist, psychedelic guide, filmmaker, and musician.  

After years of intentional world travel, studying and practicing healing modalities of the East and West, Ben committed to teaching the art of self-healing, leading transformational retreats, creating healing spaces, and sharing his teachings with the world.

Through working with entheogenic plants in the deserts of Mexico and the Andes of Peru. immersing himself in meditation and breathwork intensives with masters and yogis in the Ashrams of East Asia, and practicing cutting-edge modalities such as advanced NLP and Hypnotherapy, Ben's intention is to cover all the bases within healing.

Through his platform Connect and Evolve, Ben and his team lead others in spiritual retreats, one-on-one intensives, healing processes, online courses, and more.

Blending modalities such as breathwork, Yoga, meditation, sound healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, bioenergetics, and plant medicine, the Connect and Evolve team focus on healing and growth with a holistic and integral approach.

Ben's methods and teachings have proven to be life-changing for thousands, earning him notoriety in international spiritual hubs such as Ubud Bali, Rishikesh  India, and Sedona Arizona.


His primary goal in life is to help others heal themselves by discovering their greatest potential.

To facilitate human evolution on all levels, so that future generations may be stewards of a brave and beautiful new world.


Ben Baillieul

Ben creates a beautiful, awesome setting for you to explore whatever you want to explore during his workshop. His approach is genuine, goofy and relaxing, at the same time. And well grounded, founded, so you can bring everything you experienced in this reality. During and after the whole journey you feel supported by him and his awesome assistants! There’s a deep sense of trust in his workshop which allows the participant to feel ‘home’, and that’s where all the magic happens



Fenixx Monica

Ben is an amazing facilitator and space holder. His guidance was clear and useful and you could tell that he’s really in his integrity and truly wants for the evolution of humankind. I had a transcendent experience doing breathwork with him and trusted him completely to hold the container tight for our breathwork journey. The music he picked was subtly hypnotic and was grounding and relaxing where it needed to be so.


Alex Tsuk

I cannot speak highly enough of Ben as a human, as a facilitator, as a film maker. The guy has it all.
A pleasure to have him around, he connects with everyone immediately as we feel his authenticity and integrity.
He produced incredible content for Breathing Cold and I connected him with the members of my community Bgreener - he now produces amazing videos for them and I only get compliments about his work. Feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything about Ben Holt.

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