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Connect to your true essence 

Evolve into your greatest expression

With Ben Holt 

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Connect With your true self 

Evolve into your greatest expression

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Facilitator Training


The most profound transformations happen during multi-day retreats. This training will provide you with everything you need in order to Facilitate Breathwork in a retreat environment and even provide the necessary tools and guidance to host YOUR OWN retreat.  This is the best way to earn a high income and provide the highest level of facilitation for others!

Workshops and

private groups 

After this training, you will be fully equipped to provide life changing workshops for your community. 

You will also notice that private groups will want to hire you over and over again because of your skills as a facilitator + The power of Breathwork!


Every company wants their employees to be healthy and vibrant. After this training, you will be ready to share the power of the breath with corporate teams in a business setting. 

1-On-1 Coaching

After this training, you will be prepared to guide your clients through long term breathwork coaching programs in which you will build a lasting relationship with your client as well as create the most impact/Income as a wellness entrepreneur! 

Upcoming Retreats
Mens Retreat In 
Austin, Texas
I received the opposite of what I expected to receive, but I got exactly what I needed. I found my center again, I found my power again, I was able to reset and I can take that back home with me. I would recommend this retreat for any man, no matter where they are in their life
- ROberto L
I received a sense of peace and resolution here. Prior to this retreat I felt lost, and at this retreat, I was able to allow myself to get to a better place. This retreat was very transformative.
- Johnathan M
This is my third retreat and at each retreat, you receive something different. It always comes at the perfect time, and if you come open and free, the universe conspires to give you just what you need and I received exactly what I needed here.
- Kevin S
I received a deep heart-opening experience of love for myself and others here. I have been looking for this love for a while and this retreat was a total catalyst to receiving that love. I've learned so much from the men in this container and I connected deeply with all of them which is something that's been very hard to find in the past.
- Ryan Pinter

Free Resources

Interactive Breathwork Ebook

Expansion Packet

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Breathwork Flows and Meditations

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~ Music and Podcast ~


Created by Ben Holt, Connect and Evolve is an experiential program focused on providing resources for preventative health as well as full-spectrum wellness and spiritual growth.


Through Connect and Evolve, Ben and his team provide multiple transformational retreats, teacher trainings, courses, community events, and workshops every year both in person and online 


Ben's unique approach to the facilitation of healing and expansion focuses on a multi-dimensional, integrated model by combining a plethora of healing modalities both ancient and modern designed uniquely for each client him and his team work with. 

the Connect and Evolve team is fully focused on providing the highest level of trauma informed facilitation and support for all of their clients and retreat participants.


Ultimately, this style of facilitation leads to gaining the priceless ability to self-regulate, and a felt-sense of empowerment so that they too can then become a holder of healing space for others. 

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Learn more about Ben's Story and Vision

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Ben Baillieul

Ben creates a beautiful, awesome setting for you to explore whatever you want to explore during his workshop. His approach is genuine, goofy and relaxing, at the same time. And well-grounded, founded, so you can bring everything you experienced into this reality. During and after the whole journey you feel supported by him and his awesome assistants! There’s a deep sense of trust in his workshops which allows the participant to feel ‘at home’, and that’s where all the magic happens



Joe Longa

I cannot speak highly enough of Ben as a human, and as a facilitator. 

Thanks to Ben's facilitation, I no longer feel like a prisoner inside of myself.


Fenixx Monica

Ben is an amazing facilitator and space holder. His guidance was clear and useful and you could tell that he’s really in his integrity and truly wants for the evolution of humankind. I had a transcendent experience doing breathwork with him and trusted him completely to hold the container tight for our breathwork journey. The music he picked was subtly hypnotic and was grounding and relaxing where it needed to be so.

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